IMPORTANT! Participants should accept to make their program open-source and shared with the Clinical Gait Analysis community.

For their submission, the participants should generate C3D files containing the gait events computed by the algorithm as well as the original gold-standard events (extracted from forceplate data) that were encoded in the C3D using the prefix GS (e.g. GS_Left_Foot_Off for Gold Standards Left Foot Off). In addition, they should provide their program in either Matlab, Python or R with a list of C3D files as input and the new C3D files as output.

Description of the algorithm

In addition to their code, participants are required to upload a description of their algorithm. This document should provide sufficient details to be implemented by other groups of the CGA community.

The description should contain the following informations:

  • Contact details.
  • Name of your team.
  • Overall structure of your algorithm and a description of each step in this structure.
  • Computation times (time to compute the events on the whole database).
  • Score of your algorithm on the database provided for the challenge.
  • If the algorithm has been tested on other datasets, you could consider including those results.

Results without a suitable description will not be considered for evaluation. Description can be submitted as a word file or pdf file.


The short description of your algorithm and your algorithm should be submitted once logged in.

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